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Automate your complex business processes with quality custom internal software and free up countless workdays.

Do what you do best, let Latent Technology build tools to automate the rest

For startups to enterprise leaders, Latent Technology builds connections for your workflows and apps so you can focus more on what you need to do.

From sales to contracting, Latent Technology streamlines your business operations so you can focus growing your business more.

From human capital management to analytics, Latent Technology helps automate your workflow and you take less time to complete tasks.

From quantitative investment research to risk management, Latent Technology empowers you to deliver performance to your customers.

What we can do for you

Technical scoping, consulting and recommendations

Software development and workflow automation (Custom built software with frontend and work logic for industry use cases, integrate with recommended industry-most-competitive software, RPA / UiPath - machine level automation, Zapier - SaaS level automation)

On-going support and maintenance with a customer success manager

Case Studies

AI Virtual Assistant for Markets

Screen, monitor, backtest financial markets (fx, equities, indexes), with NLP Telegram integration. Supported a data analytics startup.

Social Listening Software

Track sentiment and online chatters on companies and persons. Originally intended software to track company sentiment for trading purposes. Supported a large government hospital to score online sentiment reacting to their press releases.

Speech-to-Text Automatic Speech Recognition Software

Automatically transcribe voice memos recorded during meetings into text. Supported an AI startup.

CMS with Sgcarmart API Integration

Sync and transform data between 3rd party APIs and CMS interface. Optimize deployment infrastructure for speed. Supported one of the largest automative company in Singapore to keep track of sales inventory.

Email Hunting Software

Use big data and scraping tools to generate and validate emails of KOLs via company domain, physical locations and industry types. Supported the enteprise sales department of one of the largest telco company in APAC.

Tech Deployed

About Us

We came into the software development space by accident. We started off by building our own tech projects and gradually word got around and we were tasked with more requests - often investments related, general full stack or API integration work. The setting up of Latent Technology was a way to professionalize our services.

Across the core team, we have deep domain knowledge in the intersection of financial markets and technology frameworks. We come from reputated training and batting grounds. We have a great ensemble of software developers, many skillful and enthusiastic. We hope to be valued partners to many of the financial services and SME companies in Asia.

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